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Unless someone has money and is willing to learn, Forex trading is not for them. Unfortunately, many new traders fail and one of the main reasons is the act of desperation. They usually have a good job and then decide to pay the car or offshore Forex Trading Mortgage. Rather than being disciplined and patient “desperate” kicks in and before they know it. They lost all their capital. The frequency of this scenario is worrying so here are some Forex Trading tips that new traders should take the edge if they want to be successful traders.

Forex Trading Tips

Everyone has to start somewhere and Forex training is definitely the starting point. Although there is one person who can read a lot of books, there is no better experience than “screen time”. Taking what you see, hear or experience and use it on a commercial graphic are the most complete way to learn to be a trader. Forextraining provides exactly that. For the Trading As A Business this is a very important part now.

Forex Trading Tips – Learn How to Use Your Trading Platform

Forex brokers from all over the world offer us trading platforms to use. Some vary in appearance, but realistically, they are all there for traders to make orders that is trading. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial that the use of a Forex broker platform not delay any important investment decision that traders have to make. In this case, it can be expensive and opportunities can be missed in no time. That’s why knowing your platform in reverse is good for your trading.

What is a pip?

The pips is the acronym for ” price interest point ” or “percentage point” in English and can be defined as the smallest possible variation of a course at any time. It is thus an index of variation of the prices over a period which makes it possible to determine a gain or a loss.

For the majority of Forex pairs, the pips are in fact the 4th decimal place for the determination of prices for example a variation of 1 pips upwards when the euro is worth $ 1,194 $ 2 will result in a price of $ 1,194. However for pairs whose exchange rates are calculated in hundreds as for the euro-yen for example, the pips is the 2nd decimal: 119.4 3 for example.

How to calculate the value of a pip in a currency?

  • Winning pips is good. But knowing how much that represents is better.
  • The value of the pips will depend on the leverage, the pair and the currency of the trading account.
  • So if the investor gained 20 pips with this investment of € 1000, he earned € 16.67 on his Forex account.

To conclude the value of a pips therefore increases with the leverage, but it’s double-edged: the higher the value of the pips, the greater the fluctuations on your Forex account will be important and may put you in danger.

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